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Zen Habit 1: Stop Procrastinating (AKA Do It Now!)

13 Feb

I’m messy.  Not hoarder messy, but I have a horrible habit of not putting things back where I got them (I’m not disorganized…I have a place for everything [almost!] but getting it back TO the place is the trick).  I leave shoes everywhere.  I leave my kitchen

My Zen Habits list that's taped to my fridge. So far...so good.

My Zen Habits list that’s taped to my fridge. So far…so good.

cabinets open when I’m cooking (it makes grabbing something much faster!) I struggle to make my bed every day.  I know that I’m messy, and I have been since I was a kid.  And when I clean my house, which I love to do, the messiness irritates me.  It takes me SO LONG to put things away!  Or I wake up in the morning to dirty dishes because I was too lazy to clean them the night before.  So when I was contemplating my first habit that I wanted to start/stop, this one shot to the top of the list.

“Procrastinating” is actually too broad–what I really meant was doing things immediately when I think about them (in a reasonable time frame) versus waiting and doing something else more pleasurable because I’m a lazy @ss.  Babauta calls it “Washing your bowl.”  I wanted to focus on surfaces and my kitchen, but it extends to other things too.  So when I make breakfast in the morning (usually scrambled eggs or an omelette), I put my dishes in the dishwasher and clean my frying pan.  When I drink a glass of wine, I wash it when I’m finished and put it away (it’s weird to be using the same glass because it’s always clean when I reach for it).  When I take my shoes off, I immediately put them in my closet.  My bed in the morning?  I make it.  Makeup?  Goes back in the makeup case.  My desk at home is clean, my counters clutter-free.  It’s kind of wild.  And when I’m tempted not to do it (or I just forget), the habit is now in my head: “Put those away.”  And I do.  And when I walk in to my house after work, the laundry has been put away because I did it when it came out of the dryer.  The kitchen is neat and beautiful.  This habit has leaked over to work as well–when I get to work I immediately put my lunch in the fridge instead of sometimes forgetting about it because I was going to “do it later.”  I get up from the computer and go to someone’s office when I have something to ask them.  I make a note on my whiteboard so I don’t forget. It’s made me much less jumbled, my head is less chaotic.  And man–you wouldn’t believe my house.  It’s so neat (98% of the time!)

Updated to add: This is when I know the universe is talking to me. I just got this Nerd Fitness (if you don’t know Nerd Fitness…go read it.  Do it now!) post in my email, which linked to yet another Leo Babauta blog post.  Why do I bother wasting more time than I need to because I’m a lazy bum?  Madness!