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Comfort food: Whole30 Day 5

24 Apr

One of my blogs (holy cow, I’ve read so many in the last week) talks about making cooking easier (because you’re doing so much of it) by doing a ton of prep on Sunday.  My own shepherd's pie!I know I need to do this, because I’m doing a lot of repetitive actions daily (like chopping up onions or other veggies) and yet you need a good plan of what you’re going to eat for the week so you know what to prep.  That part I’m not so good at!  I need to work on that.  

Regardless, I decided to cook up a storm Sunday because I had the time and I had the ingredients![[MORE]]

Breakfast: 1 fried egg and a chile turkey burger

Lunch: Asian fried rice (sans bacon, because I didn’t have any)

Cauliflower is the secret ingredient in a lot of paleo menus—it makes “rice” and it makes “mashed potatoes”, and is pretty convincing as both.  I had half a head of cauliflower all chopped up with nowhere to go from Mexican chicken and “rice” dish, so I thought this might work (ooh, look at me—all creative with my leftovers!)  I AM getting better at trying to cook by the seat of my pants—I’m usually such a strict recipe girl.  But with this kind of diet and veggies for days, you have to add a few things here and there.  The extra thing I added was some coconut milk for liquid, but I’m sure you could do without.  I did purchase some coconut aminos from Healthy Home Market (there are so many weird and expensive ingredients with this diet!), but if you weren’t off soy you could use soy sauce or Tamari.  I am noticing that the flavors with this paleo cooking are layered and rich—lots of interesting things went on with my palate as I ate this.  Quite liked it.

Dinner: Shepherd’s pie (or technically cottage pie if you’re using beef)

I spent much of Sunday poring through blogs and writing down potential recipes.  I’m hoping this part of the diet will get easier as I form a stable of recipes that I can whip up when needed and not have to constantly search of when I’m thinking of cooking.  I found this and it looked so good to me…and I wasn’t even that hungry!  Again we’re using our trusty old cauliflower to do the work of the usual potato topping, and I took her advice and bought it frozen, which was super simple to microwave.

I LOVED this—the meat was so flavorful.  I sauteed the veggies first, then put them aside, THEN did the beef…I’m not sure if that was necessary or not.  Regardless, the flavors of the tomato paste, vegetables, beef, parsley (instead of rosemary, since that’s what I had on hand) and thyme, then topped with the pureed cauliflower (thickened with coconut milk, which really didn’t leave a coconut flavor) and sprinkled with parsley—it was so pretty!  And so warm and comforting. Loved the whole thing.  I used aminos in this as well, but again, use what you have on hand if you’re just doing low carb and not Whole30.  

And I have some more for lunch today…yay!