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Chin Time!

31 Oct

Before I get to my cosmetic surgery revolution, let’s start with the teeth.I got braces–lovely, clear devices–when I was 13. I think that caused one of my front teeth to die, which is not uncommon. As I got older, it steadily got yellower (ew) until I saw myself one day, and that dead tooth was all I could see. I think I have a great smile–a smile that transforms my face from average to pretty cute–and I didn’t want that tooth to define me.

Teeth – before and after (October 2007)

So I went to the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. It turns out, putting a veneer on 1 tooth is difficult to match, but 2 teeth can be a winner. They actually wanted to do my 4 front teeth, but forget that. The whole process took about 2 months, between the Zoom whitening and the veneers to be done, but when they came in, my doctor was so thrilled with the results, he sent them to True Beauty magazine, which is in local grocery stores. Yes, my teeth are famous! But I have to admit, they are really beautiful–and they still look like my teeth.

But I wasn’t quite finished. The chin had to go. I used to have a perfectly normal-looking chin and neck. And then I got sick, and I was on steroids, and the steroids caused my chin to take on this weird shape where it just bled into my neck. I lost my jawline. Was it the worst thing I’ve ever seen? No, of course not. But it wasn’t going to improve, and I didn’t want to spend my 30’s just hating it (and hating pictures of myself unless I was turned just so) when I had the money to fix it. The final straw was when I got passport photos of me, and I looked at them in horror–where the hell did that old lady chubby chin come from? It had to be banished forever. So I went to 4 different doctors, who basically gave me the same fix: neck liposuction (ew again). They thought it would be easy enough to do, with minimal recovery. So after finding the doctor I liked the best at a practice I had been referred to, I got it done last Monday. For being less than 2 weeks out–I look pretty good. The swelling and healing should be finished in about another month.

Think it wouldn’t make that big a difference? See for yourself:

Las Vegas, 30th birthday! June 2008

St. Patty’s Day, March 2008

Before – My lovely profile

Before – Oy–I look drunk

After: 1 day post surgery–not bad!

10 days after surgery

In this current day and age, cosmetic surgery seems (is?) frivolous. Which means me doing it is frivolous. But I’m ok with that. This wasn’t an impulse buy–it was something important to me. I can’t do much about the economy (well, besides keeping plastic surgeons clothed and fed), and I can’t stop Iran from doing…whatever, but I can take care of me. I can focus on what’s important to me, and at 30 and single, it’s important for me to look as good as I can and to feel good in my skin. Because if not now, when? I did it for me and no one else. So I’m done for now–because I swear, if you stare at yourself long enough, you’ll find something else you want to fix. And I’m good. Right now, I’m the best version of me. Ta Da!