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Whole30 Day 1 roundup

18 Apr

Day 1 was a really good start to the Whole30.  At the end of the day, I’m feeling solid, better than I have in days (not that this thing works immediately, but who knows?)

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, avocado and a side of cholula hot sauce.  Looked ugly, but tasted good!

Lunch: Thai chicken soup

[[MORE]]Made this last night.  The original recipe was vegetarian, but I figured I could ramp it up a bit with some poached chicken.  I love poached shredded chicken!  It’s so freaking moist.  Anyway, I made the broth half veg and half chicken—don’t know why, I just don’t love love love the flavor of veggie broth, but I should give it another go.  But the lime juice gives it a great tang, and I was really happy with all the flavors.

Dinner: Mexican chicken and “rice” topped with green salsa and avocados

Cauliflower is big with the carb-free community because you can grind it up to make “rice” or cook it to make “mashed potatoes”—and it’s not THAT different from it’s carb-y cousins.  This was waaaay better than I remembered it being.  The celery gave it a nice crunch and I loved the salsa, something cheap from the mexican aisle of the grocery store (Verdez salsa verde).  It was perfect.  All the flavors really came together, and once the cauliflower was chopped up in my food processor (and I poached the chicken breasts the night before) the assembly was super fast.  The head of cauliflower made a ton of “rice” so I saved half of it for something else.  

I’m a horribly messy cook, so I can see the benefits of prepping on the weekend.  If you know what you want to make that week, a lot of the parts can be pre-done, which would make cooking a snap: chopping onions and other veggies, cooking chicken, making homemade mayo, etc.  My kitchen is a HOT mess the two nights I’ve cooked.  It’s not for the faint of heart!

Next up: olive oil mayo, green chile turkey burgers, and zucchini linguini aglio et olio (not necessarily in that order)