Too tight clothes—you’re getting quarantined

26 Apr

I’m taking Dawn’s advice (the Minimal Mom) and quarantining too small clothes for 5 months! They were in a closet out of the way, but even that was bothering me. Just LOOK at all those now-empty hangers! And what’s frightening is I had 2x as many not-fitting clothes that I just donated a few months ago. Those were 20+ lbs (…and 10 years ago), and these are just 10 lbs ago. Just 10 pounds! I CAN DO THAT! Also—I just hired a remote fitness coach (someone I hired after I started doing my big decluttering purge in February/March), so I honestly think I can see these babies again before my quarantine date of September. Focused, people—I’m focused!

The gap in the closet is where ALL those clothes were living. So. Many. Clothes. Pre-baby (he’s 4 now!) clothes! First date with my husband clothes!

You do NOT deserve to be hanged.


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