Well, hello again!

14 Mar
I'm Back, Bitches! | Keystrokes and Word Counts

You know–only 6 years later, after I’ve:

  • Gotten married
  • Moved to Baltimore
  • Moved back to NC
  • Had a baby
  • Gotten a job at Johns Hopkins
  • Become a remotely working mom of a 4-year old with a husband who’s soon to be finishing his PhD.

Whoa–some serious changes have happened in 6 years!

I let my blog go dormant a year ago, and then I realized I kinda missed blogging, so here we are. And what kicked it off is doing a big ‘ol declutter of my stuff in our house in late January 2021, inspired by Dana K. White’s A Slob Comes Clean books, blog, and podcast. I have learned a LOT, about both myself and my stuff, and it’s making me take inventory. Her books really did change my life (that’s easy to say, but I actually mean it–it changed the way I thought about stuff and about making progress with both mental and physical clutter). So I thought I’d write about that. Come along and join me!


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