Crankiness and commitment: Whole30 Day 10

27 Apr

Yesterday was not my best day, crank-wise.  I’m still barreling through this diet (week 2, baby!), but I’ll be honest, I was expecting to see some major benefits from the Bob end, and while I’m not any worse, I’m not much better.  I’ve been throwing a lot of money at Bob this month, and I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging cash—supplements, Nordic Naturals fish oil (the good stuff—lemon-flavored that I drink straight from the bottle in liquid form—oh yes I do!), VSL3 probiotics, and the FOOD.  Buying all this really good food is not cheap, especially since i started this near the end of the month and bought all kind of OTHER stuff (milk, yogurt, beans, more beans, oatmeal, etc.) that I can’t eat.  So like an @ss who buys his date an expensive dinner expecting her to put out (do those guys still exist??), I expect MY colon to show me some damn respect and to behave himself.  Which he is reluctant to do.  DUDE, what do you WANT from me?  Why aren’t you happier?  Bob is like the flamboyant lead actor  who’s part of an entire cast of characters acting in a play based on my life, and he wears too much eye liner and lots of sequins and freaks out constantly when the other actors go off-script—and God forbid you serve him yellow peanut M&Ms when he only wants blue.  He’s a fussy, temperamental B, that Bob.

But anyway…I got off track.  Am I feeling terrible?  No, not at all—and I am grateful.  But by Day 9, I was expecting some fantastic, mythical, magical healing to reveal itself.  And maybe it is happening, way down at the cellular level, but I’m not seeing it.  Yet.  So yes, yesterday I was uber-cranky.  But even at my feistiest, I didn’t think of abandoning this challenge (adventure!) because—hey, I’m 10 days into it, and I don’t think it’s doing me any harm.  I’m still feeling generally good, I know what I’m putting into my body is good, and I’m 2 pounds down in a week, so—success.

This weekend I’m leaving town to go on a beach retreat to Oak Island with my church ladies.  I’m looking forward to it, because getting some sun and going to the beach is always healing for me, and I love my church ladies (this year I think the participants’ average age is 55…and then there’s me).  I cooked up a bunch of vegetables yesterday just in case I need emergency food, since I’m not sure what the situation will be of available or purchased food (but I’m guessing I can’t eat most of it): I’m bringing cucumber salad, chopped up ingredients for an omelette, curried vegetables (sauteed veggies made with a can of coconut milk, some green curry paste, a splash of fish sauce and lime juice—it’s surprisingly good), ants on a log, carrots, sauteed squash and zucchini, and some coconut fig nut balls (they need a better name than that)—the link is not exactly the recipe, but it’s close.  I ground up a bunch of nuts I had on hand, added them to a bowl, then ground up coconut and some figs I bought for something else, then added them to the nut mix with some coconut oil.  Added some cocoa and salt (I skipped the coffee, but that might be interesting), and mixed it all together.  However, it didn’t really “ball up”, so I made a different batch where i soaked the figs for a few hours and then mixed the whole mixture with the soaking water (just enough to cover the figs) and THAT made balls that I rolled in shredded coconut, but were also much sweeter.  Honestly, I think i like the drier nut meal (what a word!), and I’ve just been eating it with a spoon.  Yes, my eating has become weird(er).  Either way, lots of good fat and protein, and I’m bringing my nut balls AND nut meal to the beach!

So…lots of small packaged food items that I’ll have to squeeze in the car (and I just got this nestable lock & lock set from woot Wednesday with purple lids, and I LOVE THEM SO HARD) but you don’t want a hungry Erin on your hands.  Is this diet a pain in the rear?  Let’s be honest—yeah, especially when socializing (or traveling) with other people.  But do I think a modified version of it has a real place in my life?  The jury is deliberating, but I’m going with…yes.

And on Sunday’s return…more food planning for the week.  Whee!


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