Fake pasta never felt so good! Whole30 Day 2 & 3

23 Apr

I’ve tried doing special “diets” before, including the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), and a version of paleo in 2010 that my naturopath wanted me to try, but I’ve never really committed to any of them.  I think the farthest I’ve made it is Green Chile Turkey Burgerstwo weeks.  Not much discipline there!  But for some reason I have a different attitude about this one—maybe because it’s only for 30 days, and I can return to my freewheeling, hard-carbing lifestyle like I had before (although I don’t think I will like I used to, but I could if I wanted to!) 30 days is not short (ask anyone who’s ever given up some food they’ve loved for Lent, and that’s just 10 days longer), but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a drop in the bucket.  So here I am.  Day 6! But first…a recap!


Day 2: Thursday, 4/19

Breakfast: “linguini” aglio et olio and 1 scrambled egg
I know this seems like a really weird breakfast (and it is), but I wanted to try this out of Melissa Joulwan’s “Well Fed” cookbook (which I downloaded to my iPad) and I really liked it.  Didn’t really need the almond flour breadcrumbs (and almond flour is not something most people have on hand anyway), and I need to get a small hand julienne tool (I’m convinced that my Pampered Chef mandolin is going to take my fingers off).  But I liked the consistency and the salty garlicky goodness of the noodles.  

Lunch: Mexican chicken and rice leftovers

Dinner: Vivace Restaurant—scallops with roasted asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and peas.  
One thing I flirted with when deciding whether to do this or not was the timing—was this the best month to do this?  What happens when I go out to eat with friends?  What about this beach trip I’m taking with my church ladies at the end of April?  And the Dilworth Ladies Spring party?  And working the election?  But I just decided—life’s not stopping for me or my eating, so I might as well adapt.

I met my friend Marjorie at Vivace before seeing “Clybourne Park” at Actor’s Theatre, one of her (and my) favorite restaurants.  I scoped out the menu beforehand and they seemed amenable to making gluten free meals, so I thought maybe they could whip me up something.  Our cute server came over to get our orders, and I asked if he could make the scallop dish without the side of…couscous (maybe?)—basically could I just do something with protein and veggies, and he said “Are you doing some kind of cleanse?”  Actually, that’s a really easy way to explain this thing, so I was like, no—but yes!  I hate being a PITA about food, and I’m really not picky, but hey—they’re getting my money, right?  And he said it was no problem, he’d make sure it came out right.  Another waitress brought out the food and said “Ok, who has the Make Your Own Meal?”  Ha!  She said the other waitresses were standing around admiring how pretty this dish was, and it was so gorgeous!  I’m so mad I didn’t take a photo.  A bed of roasted asparagus, topped with peas and sauteed mushrooms (probably in some kind of wine sauce) and 4 beautiful scallops.  It was heavenly!  I polished off the entire thing.

Day 3: Friday, 4/20

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with mushrooms/avocado/tomatoes

Lunchsome chicken and rice and thai chicken soup

Dinner: green chile turkey burgers with mustard and sliced avocado
These were pretty good, but I only used one can of green chiles, and that was plenty.  After having them for a few days, I think they are a once-in-a-while/I’m-bored-with-ground-turkey kind of thing.  But it gave me a good excuse to break out the George Foreman grill!  Also, avocados are my heaven.

Friday night I went out with friends for dinner (I didn’t realize we were eating, hence the turkey burgers beforehand) and to attend the 9th annual Cash Bash (an experience, for sure!)  We went to Alexander Michael’s in 4th Ward, a fun little tavern I first went to with my brother and sister-in-law years and years ago, and I was pleased to see there was a London Broil on the menu, which actually sounded kinda delicious.  Good to know for future reference!  

Snack: half a cherry pie lara bar, nuts

Desserts (in general): fruit, and not a ton of it—a mix of mango, strawberries, and cantaloupe that was just about to turn, so it was super sweet.

Immediate thoughts: I’m eating plenty, I’m not hungry, and I don’t feel absolutely famished when I AM ready to eat.  I’m drinking between 40-50 oz of water a day (with a slice of lemon).  I definitely feel…lighter.  Already I’ve lost a few pounds in a few days—I could say it’s water weight, but I’m drinking water like it’s my job (because that’s about all I can drink!) so it must just be the carb load.  My pants definitely fit better, and frankly, that’s as good a result as I could ask for!


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