Food for Talk: Card 10, Consequences

4 Feb

“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments – there are consequences.” — Robert Ingersoll 

Do you think we face good and bad consequences for our actions? How do the consequences change as we get older?

I’m a big believer in karma. I think if you continue to do bad things, you put bad energy out in the world and it comes back to you. Gossip can be one of those things. And it’s not even that the main consequence is someone overhearing the gossip and gets you into trouble. A friend of mine and I were talking about gossip, and he said the worst feeling is when you’re gossiping about someone, and then later they come up to you and say something really nice, or give you a complement, and you feel like absolute shit. The bad energy isn’t coming from them necessarily, it’s coming from yourself.

I think the term “consequence” has a bad connotation, so I’ve never heard of anyone mention a “good” consequence–usually they just say a positive result or reaction stemming from a certain behavior. Consequence sounds like doomsday. Bum Bum BUM! If you’re a moral person, I think you can avoid bad consequences to your behavior for a little while, like stealing, or cheating, or taking credit for someone else’s work. But it will come back to bite you mainly because you can’t handle the guilt. If you don’t prepare for your presentation to your entire department, you’ll look like a fool. If you sneak around on your partner, you’ll feel guilty or get caught. If you cheat, you won’t ever know the information you’ll need to know to pass the class/do your job, etc. But every action has an equal reaction…so how bad do you want to make it on yourself? How deep in water do you want to get?

However, if you have no moral code? All bets are off. Just don’t get caught! I’m looking at you, Madoff, you selfish ass!


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