Food for Talk: Card 9, Coaches

13 Jan

Who was your best coach? What made him or her great? Who was your worst coach? What didn’t you like about their coaching style? 

I wasn’t involved in that many sports, so I can’t relate to this card all that much. But if you expanded “coach” to include teachers…I would probably say my favorite coach/teacher was Steve Ogilvie in high school band. I could probably tag most of my high school friends in this note and they would agree! It wasn’t so much that he was the best teacher I ever had, because I think I had more classes with Bert Creswell, (and I also think Ogilvie’s true genius was in his jazz band classes) but it was that he a) didn’t put up with your crap, b) he was fiery, and could get you fired up easily, c) he loved his job, and he loved us, even when we didn’t think so. He didn’t pander to his students, and in fact, he didn’t seem to really care if we liked him or not, which is why I think we strived to work even harder. I don’t know too many of my band nerd friends who didn’t love Mr. O and think he was just the coolest cat.

Worst coach? Ooh–I had a French II teacher in college that I COULD NOT STAND. And I was good in French! Worse yet, I had a French I teacher that I thought was fantastic, so I was expecting French II to be a breeze. But this woman…Argh! Difficult, unhelpful, impossible non-French accent that I couldn’t understand…bleh. Just not a good teacher, and not interested in assisting students who didn’t get it (which was 98% of us). I think we got C’s on her quizzes on a regular basis, and she totally sapped my will to be a better student…and I was a really good student normally! I just gave up and hoped to slide through with a B, which I did. My girlfriend Catherine and I barely got through it–that woman was Satan’s handmaiden. Now that I think about it, my high school French teacher(s) were no picnics, but I was enough of a brown-noser (and a good student) that I sailed on through. Maybe the French language is the problem??

Did you have any great or terrible coaches/teachers?


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