Food for Talk Card 6: Personality Type?

11 Nov

Slow motion gets you there faster.” –Hoagy Carmichael 

Would you describe yourself as a type A or type B personality?

I don’t really get the above quote, but I’ll go with it. I’ve spent a lot of time studying the Myers-Briggs personality indicator (I’m an ISFJ, if you’re interested), but I’ve learned that your success is less determined by personality type than by the strengths that you have and how you apply them. So something as simplistic as Type A versus B should be taken with a grain of salt. But I’m doing what the card says so…

Type A definition: Considered “stress junkies”, Type A’s are impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about their status, and highly competitive.

Type B definition: Considered to be patient, relaxed, and easy-going.

And then you have Type AB personalities, obviously a mixture of both.

You know, years ago, I would’ve said I was a total Type B personality…cool, laid back, low-stress. This would make an ex-boyfriend of mine laugh, who thought I was pretty uptight and somewhat anxious. That used to aggravate me, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I’m more Type A than I’d like. I worry about things (thanks to my mother’s genetics, I’m sure), I’m an unrealistic people-pleaser, I like things to be very orderly, and I like being in charge. I have problems delegating! My Type B show itself because I’m relatively drama free–I don’t like to start problems, I enjoy my free time, and I think in stressful situations I keep a cool head. So I guess I’ll cop out and say I’m an AB personality.

When I think strict Type A, I think of my sister-in-law–very disciplined, used to get up at 4:30am to exercise with the Secret Service when she worked for the White House, worked 18 hour days, just started her business, is always moving. I don’t know who she’s competing with, but I’m glad not to be a peer–too much pressure! My brother keeps her grounded, which is a good thing.

When I think strict Type B, the first person who pops into my head is my friend Julia’s husband, Cri. Julia’s a lot like me (poor girl), but she married a guy who compliments her really well. Cri is a very chill, West Coast outdoors-y kind of guy. He doesn’t see the point in worrying needlessly. He’s going to be a great dad to Caydan because he’s patient and a good teacher. Complimenting personalities–that’s the ticket to a good relationship.

I think it’s good to be a little of both–a little stress keeps you moving, but you know how to relax and don’t take yourself too seriously!

What about you? Or is Type A/Type B a pointless indicator??


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