Food for Talk: Card 5, 5 Things that make you smile

28 Oct

Name five things that make you smile. 

This was tricky–not just what makes you happy, but what makes you smile. Hmm…

1. My new chin! Well, it makes me smile mostly. I’m still a little anxious about it because it’s not quite “ready” yet. But I think (at least I hope) that when I’m fully healed it will be great. I’m freaking thrilled I finally made the commitment to fix it. I’ve never had a real defined chin line, but it was exacerbated by steroids I had taken 2 years ago and they gave me a chubby old lady double chin. That is gone. It’s not perfect, but then neither was my old chin, so…pick your poison. No buyer’s remorse. I’m glad I no longer have to think about it in pictures, turn my head a certain way, hate how photos look, etc. It was getting ridiculous. I should have the chin that belongs to my face!

2. My brother Chris and my nephews, Kieran and Aidan. I just adore my brother–he always has the best advice, and he is the funniest person I know. And my nephews are so cute and they’re always so happy to see me–how can you not love that? And since I’m not their parent, I don’t get any of the difficult crap that comes along with that–they adore me 98% of the time. I love being Aunt E!

3. My girlfriends Jen and Lisa. They are just the best. We make a concerted effort to see each other weekly for some girl time, and it’s wonderful. It’s SATC minus one person. And it’s interesting–conventional wisdom says 3 people make for an uneven friendship (especially when 2 of them have known each other for 20 years like Jen and I have), but i don’t think we aren’t like that–all 3 of us have traveled together (Vegas, baby, Vegas!), and we can hang out with each other as easily as 2 of us can. I’m just so grateful for both of them–they give me tough love when I need it, and they always show up without asking.

4.Getting my Netflix DVDs in the mail. It’s so dumb, but it’s true. My free month is running out Sunday, which is a very good thing, because 2 years ago I had it for a year and was totally a Netflix addict. I don’t need to repeat that (and also–there’s really nothing else I need to watch that I can’t get from the library). I don’t know what it is…the red package? Getting something not bill-related in the mail? Getting a movie I really want to see? Don’t know, don’t care. Still love it. But it is crack!

5.Bob and Sheri. I just adore them. They are completely part of my daily morning routine–I could give up my clock from 6:30-8am based on their radio broadcast and still know exactly when I woulld get to work on time. They are funny, insightful, silly, and entertaining–they are like listening to old friends. I’ve turned on some of my other friends to them, and even if you can’t listen to them on the radio, you can get to them via podcast on iTunes! Love!

So tell me, what are your 5 things?


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