Food for Talk: Card 3, I woke up this morning…

5 Oct

When you woke up this morning what did you most look forward to doing?

Honestly, going back to bed, which isn’t like me! I was a bridesmaid at my girlfriend Debbie’s wedding this weekend, and I was at the rehearsal dinner on Friday and then the wedding on Saturday. I’m an introvert by nature, so I can be outgoing, but it always wears me out. Especially small talk. So this weekend I spent lots of time talking to people I don’t really know or talk with much–Debbie’s other friends, Debbie’s family, friends I haven’t seen in years, etc. And as much as I enjoyed talking to them, it’s just…tiring. So I spent the night at the lake (where the wedding was) and got in a good 8 hours, but I was still tired when I woke up this morning! Part of that was the multiple tasty gin and tonics and glasses of white wine, I’m sure…but still, I had church to get to!

But after that I still wasn’t done! Tonight we had a Charlotte Phi Mu event that was to get new members involved with the chapter. Again, I really enjoyed it (and we got a good turnout as well as some new people!), but…tiring. It takes brain power to remember everything to buy for the event, as well as the important details about people and what they do, who they are, what’s going on with their family, where they’re looking for jobs, etc. And be charming and cheerful on top of that! My brain is worn out! And then tomorrow I’m hosting my first book club at my house to talk about “The Female Brain” (really good book, trust me) and I’m cooking dinner for the ladies (about 5 of them). That’s 4 straight days of talking! More details to remember, more conversations to keep going. And I’m good at that, and I think I’m engaging (something I definitely think I’ve improved as I’ve gotten older, and Phi Mu was a big help as well!) but i have to accept I need some downtime to recharge. Recharging is big for me! Especially after a busy day of cleaning, churching, shopping, and talking. Right now I’m watching Jaguars football (alone!), which is nice. Blessed downtime. And after everyone goes home tomorrow night, and I’m cleaning up after cooking my chicken cacciatore (and drinking my 2nd glass of red wine) and I head to bed…I’ll try not to talk to anyone for 24 hours!


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