Food for Talk: An Introduction

28 Sep

A few years ago, Ted gave me this awesome box of cards that are supposed to start conversations, called “Food for Talk.” It’s a very Ted-type gift…he was always a sucker for a good conversation. I didn’t really know what to do with them (I live alone, and haven’t really had dinner parties where I might pull out these puppies), so I put them away in my desk (which is massive and has lots of nooks and crannies) and promptly forgot about them (sorry, Ted!). I’m on a kick to clean out my junk, so I was going through my desk drawers and I rediscovered them. I quite liked the idea of them, but I still didn’t know how to use them.

And then, voila! It hit me. I’d use them as a blogging subject. Ted will be so pleased. I don’t think I’ll do one every day (and I have no idea how many there are, but there’s a whole box of them), but maybe every few days? We’ll see how it goes. I’ll write the question and then answer it, and then I hope you use the comments to add your own thought or two. You know, start a virtual discussion! If it’s just me doing it, it might be kind of…solitary! Who knows…maybe something in these cards will kick off your (or my) life in a new direction! I can always use a good kick in the pants to start thinking about something interesting. Here’s to a new experiment!


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